Kensington Announces List Of 2016 Essential Summer Travel Accessories

San Mateo, CA, June 15, 2016 – Kensington, a worldwide leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business and home office professionals, today released its annual list of top travel accessories for Summer 2016. Whether traveling with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, these innovative products increase mobility, security, and productivity for users on the go, making travel and transport with devices safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Its important to plan ahead when you travel, said Gwen Hsu, senior director of product management at Kensington. That includes making sure that you have protection for your devices, that you can keep them charged, and that you have the ability to use them comfortably when youre working away from your home or office.

The 2016 list includes a range of the hottest trends in technology accessories that provide added protection, comfort, and charging capability while traveling, from an overnight roller with an anti-theft security system to protect laptop computers, to dual gel wrist rests and noise-cancelling headphones that can make anyones trip more comfortable, to travel adapters and car chargers that will ensure devices never run out of juice. Whats more, this years picks will please budget-conscious travelers, with a variety of essential summer accessories available for under $50.

Kensington 2016 Top Summer Travel Accessories


BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Surface Pro 4 (SKU K97442; SRP $59.99)

The Surface Pro 4 offers an impressive combination of laptop-like power and portability. To protect this valuable mobile investment from drops and other accidents that can happen in transit, smart travelers know they can rely on BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Surface Pro 4, which was designed specifically for the this brand of tablet. The strong, rugged case features a TPU body surrounding the tablet for maximum protection. It also guards against drops via a flexible silicone hand strap for easy carrying, non-slip grip, and handy port access.

BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for iPad Air 2 (SKU K97367; SRP $49.99)

Most iPad users rely on their tablet whether at home or on the road and need to protect their investment while traveling. Thats where BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for iPad Air 2 comes in. The exceedingly protective case surrounds the tablet in a strong, cushioned layer of rubber that meets military-grade testing, so the bumps and drops that can happen frequently while traveling arent a big deal. The BlackBelt also features a handstrap that makes holding the device simple even when standing, and a built-in, multi-position stand allows travelers to enjoy hands-free work or play.

SecureTrek 17 Laptop Overnight Roller (SKU K98620; SRP $149.99)

Travelers will rejoice when they find that security is in the bag with the SecureTrek 17 Laptop Overnight Roller. A truly innovative travel bag, the SecureTrek not only protects a laptop from damage but also comes equipped with a highly protective anti-theft security system to safeguard the bags contents during travel. Users can simply click the hammerhead zipper-pulls into the patent-pending SecureTrek Lock Base, and then add a Kensington Lock to secure the rolling suitcase to a fixed object. Users can also pair the bag with a TSA-approved lock to secure contents during airline travel. Plus, theres plenty of room to carry other overnight gear including clothing along with a laptop, and still meet the carry-on size limits for all airlines.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones (SKU K33084; SRP $39.99)

A peaceful trip is an enjoyable trip, and Kensingtons Noise-Cancelling Headphones help mobile professionals and weekend warriors alike achieve this. Whether youre on a noisy plane, working on the road, or just want a quiet moment en route to your destination, these compact and comfortable headphones get the job done by cancelling background noises through a built-in microprocessor. The result is that offending low-frequency noises virtually vanish, creating peace and quiet even when youre far from home.

Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest (SKU K62397; SRP $17.99)

Extra comfort while traveling is important, and Kensingtons Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest does the trick by molding itself to the shape of the users wrists to provide support during typing. The comfortable gel pillow gives travelers tired hands a rest through a gel pillow that matches the natural curve of wrists. The wrist rest also features a ventilation channel to keep hands cool and dry, and the Duo Gels soft finish makes it easy to wipe clean from travel dust. Travelers can pair the Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest with Kensingtons Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (SKU K62401; SRP $16.99), which combines a durable vinyl mouse pad for fast and accurate mouse movement with wrist support through a gel-pillow wrist rest that facilitates comfortable clicking and scrolling motions.


International Travel Adapter (SKU K38120; SRP $29.99)

Every savvy international traveler knows theres no faster way to ruin a trip than to run out of power for their mobile devices and lack compatibility to recharge them. To avoid this fate, the Kensington International Travel Adapter allows for fast charging in over 150 countries using dual USB ports that allow for simultaneous charging of up to three devices. Whether users need to charge an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or another smartphone or tablet, the International Travel Adapter makes it simple to select the correct prong configuration for a country simply by pushing the integrated plug-release button and sliding out the right prongs for the countrys wall outlet.

PowerBolt 5.2 Dual Car Charger (SKU K38029; SRP $19.99)

When its time for a summer road trip, dont forget to pack the Kensington PowerBolt 5.2 Dual Car Charger. This versatile charger features PowerWhiz Technology to help travelers avoid being without power for almost any smartphone or tablet. The PowerBolt quickly and safely charges these devices from a vehicles power outlet with 2.6 AMPs (13 watts) from each USB port, while offering automatic device recognition for devices including Microsoft Surface 3, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and many more.

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About Kensington

Kensington, a leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business and home office professionals, is recognized around the world for its wide range of offerings that maximize productivity, improve performance and enhance security. For nearly 35 years, Kensington has offered proven, trusted solutions that protect assets and information with its industry standard family of locks, security slots and cabinets and keying options. In addition, Kensington enables users to work more productively with a comprehensive product lineup designed for office, home desk, and on-the-go environments that includes our award-winning presenters, trackballs, keyboards, universal docking stations, ergonomic accessories and wireless chargers. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Kensington is the technology division of ACCO Brands (NYSE: ACCO), a world leader in branded office products, with products marketed in more than 100 countries across the globe. For more information, visit or call Kensington toll-free at 1-800-235-6708.

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Getting Professional Help For Iphone Repairs

In today’s world it is quite difficult to find a person who does not own a smart phone. You will be surprised to know that the demand for smart phones have gone up more than ten folds in the last few years. So it is no surprise to see that the number of mobile phone repairs shops have gone up as well. This is mainly because. Smart phone are after all electronic devices. You can be sure that if you are using an electronic device for a very long time then there is a high chance that it will get some kind of problems.

How to get your phones repaired?

When you are facing any problem with your phone, the best thing to do is to visit a professional. You can be sure that when you are facing any problem with your phone, it is either some software issue or some hardware malfunction. These problems cannot be rectified at home. It is best to vast someone who has a very good idea regarding these types of things. Some specific knowledge is required for you to fix this and a good professional will have the same. Thus it is very important that you go to a professional for your some specific brand’s smart phone or iPhone repairs.

Seeking professional help

Our phones are a very important part of your lifestyle. It is the phone that helps you to stay connected to the whole world at large. Most of us turn to our phones for anything we need. So when there is any problem with the phone, you can be assured that you will feel incomplete. So do you buy a phone a soon as your phone has any problem? Of course not, you should try and get it fixed. There are many different stores that should help you to fix your phone. There are some professional service centers as well. But it is recommended that you take the phone to local stores as that is a much better option.

Why should you choose a local store?

When you want to get any repair world work done, you will have to pay money for it unless it is in the warranty period. When you are visiting a service center for the same, you will be charged an excessively large amount for the same. But when you visit a local shop the same thing can be done in a much lesser amount. An all of us want to save money. So If you are getting the same thing done at a lower cost, isn’t it better to get it done there?

There will be many places near your place that will offer mobile phone repairing services. Make sure you choose a trustworthy one. It is very important that you get it done from a place that have a good experienced person doing the repairs as that ensures that it is done well. So now if you face any problem with your phone, head on over to a local repair store.

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The author has a lot of expertise in mobile phone repairs and recommends that if your phone is not in guarantee then you should visit a local person for your repairing needs, even if it specific services like some specific brand’s phone or iPhone repairs .

Great Guide On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Iphone

You may have taken your time to buy an iPhone, wondering what the big deal was. When you finally get your own iPhone, you start to realize what all the talk is about. The iPhone is without a doubt the most exciting phone to emerge in many years. Keep reading for some wonderful things you can do with your new phone.

Switching your phone to airplane mode when you are traveling, or in an area where you can’t receive calls or texts will help to save your battery life. Having to find and remain in contact with the nearest towers uses up a ton of battery. Switch to airplane mode in the setting’s section of your phone and keep your batter for when you actually need it.

Would you like an easy way to take a picture of your phone’s current screen? Try this! Press the home and sleep buttons at the same time, and wait for the sound of a camera clicking. Then, head over to your saved photos. You should see an image of your screen in the folder.

When you have an incoming call on your iPhone, you can silence your ring with a single button. By pressing the Sleep/Wake button one time, the ring will go to silent mode. If you wish to send the caller straight to your voice mail, you can press that button two times.

Avoid putting too many apps on your phone. While it can be tempting to load up your device, remember that most users wind up deleting the majority of the apps they add. It can be a costly addiction and it may also slow down your device, particularly when the apps start updating.

If you’re worried about losing your iPhone, sign up for the free Find My iPhone service. This will allow you to use the phone’s GPS to locate where the phone is. You can then either make it ring (so that you can find it if it’s near you), or you can lock and wipe the phone’s data if it’s been stolen.

These are just a few of the wonderful things you can do with your phone. Developers are trying new things every day, so you will have even more to do in the days to come. Use the tips you’ve just read to really get the most from your new iPhone, and you will look like an old pro.

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The Lone Wolf action chart is a great resource for gamers who want a mobile answer to the classic pen and paper character chart.

Will Apple Ever Build It To The Finance Industry?

PayPal on Apple iCloud problems
Will Apple ever build it to the Finance business once PayPal showed negative reactions to Apple launching their Mobile Payment Service Apple Pay?

PayPal publically questioned Apple’s quality in getting in the commercial business once it declared recently within the big apple Times its open contempt on Apple’s new technology. Golf stroke abundant stress on Apple’s recent issue over iCloud, PayPal reminded the general public once celebrities’ intimate photos suddenly went into circulation, throwing doubts on Apple’s quality to secure financial accounts. The Ad incidental to such remark even explicit, “We need our cash, over our selfies!”

The Technology to exchange Apple Pay case

After the success of the Apple Pay, Apple is currently launching another technology to upgrade case options. This time, money transactions squared measure fast and created straightforward through a phone inbuilt NFC feature. NFC may be a device strip designed into each iPhone six and iPhone six and phones. This piece is found at the highest of the phone and is activated once you hold your phone over a device. By merely touching the ID for authentication, dealings is finished. With the new Apple invention, money transactions square measure additional fast and straightforward. For the security of operations, MasterCard that seem on your bankbook square measure secured in an associate district at the phone because the credit card variety isn’t held on. This makes your card variety isolated from your dealings as a security code is distributed over the wire. Therefore, if you lost your iPhone, it would simply be disabled. With the Bureau device strip, it will flip your iPhone into debit and credit cards for you. You’ll use it for on-line transactions while not filling up long forms. Only one faucet is all you would like. Apple Pay additionally works with Apple Watch however Apple Company still had to figure out for additional details. Some Third Party Apps are integrated within the new invention paving approach for other apps developers within the future.

Apple on the iCloud Breach Issue

After hours of investigation into Apple Security System, Apple CEO, Tim Cook reaffirmed its vehement denial of the allegation that there’s a breach in their iCloud Security Feature. In keeping with the results of the conducted investigation, Apple didn’t notice any reason to support Hollywood Celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence’s cries for breach security when nude photos went into circulation within the net. Alternative celebrities concerned were Selena Gomez, Jewess Elizabeth Winstead, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

Apple insisted that investigation results showed compromises on user accounts, passwords and security queries. In short, they were done by hackers and not a breach issue on the part of the corporate. Apple CEO any suggested their patrons to use second security measures. Apple additionally further additional safety measures to avoid compromises in their product and customers security by causation out alert emails each time they log in into their iCloud mistreatment internet browsers. This doesn’t exclude even people who frequently log in into their iCloud. However, this may solely be temporary as Apple works to seek out additional ways that to enhance their security against nude-crashes. Apple additionally got some plans to improve iCloud security by causation out emails and push notifications to iTunes users in cases of any makes an attempt seen to alter their passwords, restore iCloud information to a different device, or log into iTunes for the first time.

PayPal extraneous Issue Raises Doubts on Apple Security

Now that Apple had proclaimed the entry of the Apple Pay, with a lot of wise options attuned to secure information of its users whereas doing dealings a lot of easier, this might offer them a portal to the Finance business. However once the iCloud issue, that proves to be a disadvantage to Apple Security Measures, can connection the Finance business be an honest move for Apple? Can it sway be their downfall or their breakthrough to the Finance Industry?

With these problems in boost, PayPal, the largest on-line banking showed reluctance if not afraid on Apple’s call to travel into Finance business. What with the massive portion of their market delivered to them by Apple?

After celebrities nude photos goes into circulation over the net, PayPal’s negative investigate Apple iCloud Security take its disadvantage as individuals started questioning and inform on its effects on PayPal. The allegation against Apple iCloud doesn’t limit the person assumptions that if it happens to Apple, there’s a good chance that a similar factor will happen to PayPal anytime. This assumption on PayPal’s loophole in their security was finally insured by a diary display by a 17-year former child from Melbourne, Australia. This post has relevancy and doubtless the terrible reason why Apple commanded sufficient attention from PayPal and alternative on-line monetary and banking establishments. If PayPal is obtaining restless over transactions involving iPhone, however, wouldn’t it react if hackers would finally treat PayPal to a similar extent that they treated Apple?

Apple had so shown their excellent experience in addressing such crisis. Once again, they sway their customers and competitors that they’re invariably prepared and capable of developing their product and services. They’re giving abundant specialise in the availability of full security, each to their product and customers or users. It’s, however, natural for a company as massive and as beautiful as Apple, to be facing such problems. However what’s vital is that the proven fact that they more nee stop in craving for excellent innovations for the advance of each product feature.

The battle between Apple and eBay could take its final course within the long haul once individuals themselves can watch and live its outcome. However, being the same business wherever a company’s credibleness is at stake over finances, it’s higher to collaborate in providing solutions to any loophole within the technology. Gaining control the Finance business remains a protracted last Apple however with the introduction of the new featured iPay Phone, can they be able to create it or break it within the Finance business? Apple’s entry into the finance Industry can, sure enough, bring numerous reactions on everybody, together with existing and potential competitors.

The Issue office Cloud Security is simply an entry for Apple to think about connection a brand new business however problems like this one, sure enough, leaves lots to find out and to develop. Finances and Technology invariably come hand-in-hand. After you got one in your hand, it takes one kind call to carry on to the other!

It is a lot of seemingly that Apple can survive the recent hit on their security issue concerning iCloud once Hollywood celebrities went gaga over ‘selfies nudies’. Skills they’ll be obtaining over it and develop the utilization of their technology to regain back charitable trust and confidence. What is more to it, Apple is gaining entry to the Finance business? Can this be a breakthrough or simply another false move to boost current market standing?

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Web Based Software Technology

India has synchronic during a compact habitation. All the scattered continents square measure currently interconnected through numerous technologies. Invention of recent means that of transportation has diode to the present fantastic globalisation. transnational corporations square measure the simplest samples of company fadsan Today, with the assistance of technology one company will operate through multidimensional locations; and also the most vital issue that has brought this fantastic modification is that the web.
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Transportation trade has invariably acted as a vital issue of globalisation. internet primarily based package technology has led to an outstanding modification within the world business provision trade. Its convenient methodology has brought a high level of potency within the system of business provision. internet primarily based options of package technology is birthing to new innovations across the world. New ways of transportation functioning square measure being derived from this technology. it’s any pushed forward the method of globalisation, by intrusive in numerous typical and ancient industries round the world.
Technology has created this india a synchronic school software management,. internet primarily based package technology has given a brand new direction of movement to the entire company system. The triple-crown implementation of internet primarily based shipping package within the industry is that the best example that depicts the potentiality of this technology. the longer term of the company world depends on the very fact that, however well the net primarily based package mobile application development in noida is controlled to boost the method of innovation.
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How Amazon Echo Is Superior To Siri

By asking her question to and getting answer in return without touching it. Siri is inbuilt application in apple productswhich canaccess your contacts, messages maps and saying hey Siri or just double tapping it on your home screen she will start respond to your commands. Siri got considerably more quick witted with iOS 9. And additionally all that we specified above, you’ll have the capacity to request that Siri get an application from the App Store, demonstrate to you your selfies from New Year’s Eve, discover pictures from your excursion to New York. Siri is fluent in speaking and listening to, more than 30 languages.

About amazon echo: The Echo is a round dark barrel with a sound framework inside. It is constantly associated with the cloud by means of Wi-Fi giving it an immeasurable online asset to tap. The Echo interfaces with you by voice, and replies to the name Alexa. On the off chance that you don’t care for the name you can call it Amazon, yet conversing with Amazon in your house is dreadful. Amazon Echo Setup will support you in setting up echo on your home appliances.
Alexa listens to your queries and commands through microphone from far distance or from any room in natural language .echo is first wake up with word Alexa. This device works fine with android and iOSdevices. Alexa app will configure echo and lists the interactions which can be possible with it. For any technical support or instruction you can take help from amazon echo help you need to switch on the Bluetooth of both device so as to pair it, once paired you can connect or disconnect by saying to Alexa. You can use echo in the kitchen, in living room and in the will not only play the music but also share her hand in kitchen and bedroom. When fans or lights not in use it will switch off the fan. There are other devices like Amazon echo dot and echo tap which are parts of amazon we have seen in last 12 months this gadget has gained market due to its regular growth in functionality and it has become the most liked gadget for home.

How amazon echo overtook Siri?

There are certain reasons and features which makes amazon echo superior to Siri. We will try to make you understand how and why amazons echo.
With Siri you have to first pullout you phone from pocket and push the button to wake her up. IPhone 6s has come with feature of, without pressing button you can directly say anything but the speaker does not work well in the pocket so this is another drawback for Siri to work well but when we talk of Echo its always on. You just have to talk and it will do what you want. For any problems or issues you can follow the link and read the instructions.

Another difference is the speaker you will find in echo. You can play music in the background, it will read the book for your child by just telling it to do so. Even iPhone have a speaker but its not too loud as it is placed in your pocket and its speaker is also not that efficient enough.

Another point of echo is that, it works great with home devices by turning on and off the light as per your echo can work as a home automation system for your home appliances.

The ways how echo is better than Siri:
Faster responds to your commands: Siri take time to understand your command but, echo responds to you within a fraction of time. This makes an echo much better than Siri.

Accuracy: Siri responds and understands you slowly, you have to speak in slowly in iPhone Siri then only she can respond you .but in case of echo Alexa will understand more quickly and give you answer more accurately. Amazon echosetup provides you with full details of compatibility with Alexa and your device.

Distance: distance and background noise factors does not affect echo. Alexa can hear you from the kitchen even when echo is placed in your living room. But background noise and distance affects the Siri.

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Where To Sell Your Old Iphone?

With the ongoing craze about iPhone SE, a large number of users are trying to find a best place to sell an iPhone for some quick cash which can be used for buying the latest version. There is a growing market for selling used iPhones such as Gazelle, eBay, Best Buy, Game Stop or even Apple itself. The compensation they offer would depend on the model, size, storage capacity, carrier and the version of the phone you are using. Ideally you need to sell your old phone before the new model hits the market or else the value of your existing phone would depreciate considerably. 2 weeks after the release of the latest model the value of your old phone would go down by 5%, after 4 weeks it would be down by 12%, while within 2 months time your old phone is going to lose 15% of its resale value.

So, if you are looking for a way to sell your iPhone for the most cash, then the first thing you need to do is find a buyer who is going to give you the best price your phone deserves. is a website where you are sure to get the top price for your old phones. This site guarantees that you would get the maximum money for your old phone when compared to any other buyers. The fact that they are offering the highest payout has prompted many iPhone users to sell their devices on this site. Here you can sell your phone without the slightest risk and receive the best money back on your old phone allowing you to make your new purchase with ease. Unlike the other websites would provide you with the best possible price for your phone within the shortest possible span of time. If you possess any model of iPhone between iPhone 4 and iPhone 6s Plus and wish to upgrade it, then you can be sure to get the most cash for your used iPhone from Cell Cashier. With over 13,000 satisfied sellers in the USA, Cell Cashier has set the standard of customer service, professionalism and security.

Let us now take a quick look at what exactly you need to do in order to make the most out of your old and outdated iPhone. All you need to do to sell your phone for the best price is follow just 3 easy steps:

1. Go to, select the model of your iPhone and get the best possible quote for your phone. The quote you receive would be at your disposal for another 30 days when you can decide whether to sell your phone or not without losing its value.

2. Now you need to ship your iPhone with the custom prepaid USPS shipping label of Cell Cashier. This label would make sure that your phone reaches them securely without the slightest damage.

3. Now it is time for you to get the best value for your phone. Once your phone reaches Cell Cashier they would notify you about the delivery and the money will be sent straight to your PayPal account or by cashier’s check to your address.

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The Best Way To Sell Your Old Iphone

Before selling your old iPhone its important to know the best place to sell an iPhone. While many people try to do it independently through auction sites like eBay, it would seem the quickest and most efficient way is to sell your used iPhone through one of the iPhone buyback programs. There are numerous websites that feature buyback programs such as CellCashier, Technollo, Grazelle and uSell, so its important to be aware of how to go about it. Here are some simple steps to take in order to get the most money for your iPhone.

1. Look Up Reputable Sites

Theres always someone out there waiting to make a quick buck. Make sure you are dealing with reputable people. Do you know anyone thats used the site? Have many people reviewed it? Does it show up in the top search results? Make sure your site it legit and that other people have used it successfully before considering to use it to sell your iPhone.

2. Get a Quote

Every reputable place should be able to give you a quote or estimate for how much they can offer you for your iPhone. Different iPhone buyback programs will of course vary in money theyre willing to offer you, so make sure to compare several places. Places that are comfortable and believe in their services, such as CellCashier and Grazelle, will offer a guarantee on quotes for up to 30 days. This gives you time to shop around at your leisure and snag the best deal.

3. Check Extras (Shipping / Deals)

If you dont look at the fine print you have no one to blame but yourself! Different buyback programs have different shipping rates; some may require you to bring the iPhone in person. Its important to track the differences between these services in order to find the best deals. You wouldnt pick somewhere charging $35 shipping over somewhere doing it for free would you? Some places may have hidden fees are prerequisites for selling your used iPhone, you want to know all of these before choosing where to sell to.

4. Upgrade?

Speaking of extras its likely if youre looking at selling your iPhone you are looking to upgrade to new shinier version. Many places also sell a variety of iPhones from including the newest iPhone SE. Why go through the hassle of going to three stores for one job when you can get it all done in one.

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Knowing About The Advantages Of Using An Iphone 6 Screen Protector

Cell phones have become a part of our lives. There is hardly any sector that has not been touched by the advanced technology of the smartphones. So, it is the duty of the mobile user to take good care of the device so as to enhance the longevity and functionality.

Among the various brands that are associated with the making of these handsets, one of the most well-known and trusted brand happens to be the Apple. Among the various electronic communication devices that have been invented by the company, the iPhone 6 has taken the market by storm. More and more people are opting for this device as it provides with a lot many features that are absent in other mobiles. There is no way one can deny the fact that this is an expensive handset this is all the more reason to be cautious about the safe keeping of the receiver in every way possible. The screen of the handset is the most important aspect and so an LCD guard must be fitted to keep it safe. If you are having this particular handset, then opting for iPhone 6 Screen Protector is the right thing to do.

Benefits of a screen protector

No matter which receiver you are using, it is useless if you the display get damaged. The display of the Apple mobiles is all the more sensitive so, it is mandatory that you use an iPhone 6 Screen Protector. The following are some of the important benefits of the LCD guard:

Enhances privacy

Most of the LCD guards are so manufactured that you will get to see the input of the output on the display only when you look directly at the LCD. The protector will prevent anyone else from peeking from the side. The guard will create a shield from the peering eyes.

Reduction of glare

Glare is something that you need to prevent. This will help you in looking at the display with ease even when you are standing under the sun. The LCD guards will help in minimizing the effects of glare. This is will in reducing the strain on the eyes of the handset user.

Does not allow the fingers to stick

The fingers get stuck on the display most of the times due to the presence of moisture on the LCD or sweat on the fingers and palms. The presence of the screen cover will prevent this and you will be able to operate the touch functions with ease.

Keeps out UV rays

The effects of the UV rays of the sun are also harmful of the proper functioning of the LCD. The screen protectors on the Apple phones will help in preventing the harms that this ray can cause. So, using this is very important.

Keeping out dirt

The mobile can malfunction if any kind of dirt happens to enter the device. To prevent this from happening, the use of LCD guard is a must.

Along with these, there are many more useful benefits that the customers can get from the guards that are applied to the electronic communication devices.

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He is an expert technical writer who want to help to users to find a latest mobile phone covers through his article. One more importing thing you can find the best mobile accessories to everyone in the market at the best expected prices .You need to buy a quality mobile phone charger, Cover or anything which you need for your phone that will not fail you when you need it.

How To Sell My Old Iphone?

With the release of the iPhone SE in March more and more iPhone users are looking for a way to get rid of their old iPhone models and buy a new one in exchange. However, before you place your order for the latest version of iPhone and enjoy its awesome features, perhaps you need to consider making some quick cash by selling your old iPhone. There are numerous iPhone buyback programs on the Internet and retail stores, but choosing the most profitable one can indeed be a very daunting task. There are plenty of places where you can exchange your old phone for money, and the amount of compensation generally depends on the model of your iPhone, its storage capacity, and carrier. Those of you looking forward to sell your iPhone for cash need to remember that the value of your old phone is going to depreciate with time. Now that iPhone SE has already hit the market you may want to start looking for the best place to sell an iPhone, which would guarantee the best money back for your old phone and allow you to make your new purchase comfortably.

There are lots of sites like Gazelle, eBay, Best Buy or Game Stop etc. where you can sell your used iPhone. However, if you are looking to find the best market price for your old phone, you should look no further than Cell Cashier is one site which is sure to fetch you the top price for your used phone when compared to any other website. At this website, you will be able to sell your used iPhone and get the best value before you proceed to buy the new one. They have been offering the highest payout in the market since 2013, and their quick and efficient services have been verified by over 13,000 customers in the United States. Cell Cashier constantly monitors the prices offered by their competitors and make sure to provide you with the most money ever. So, if you currently have an iPhone of any version between iPhone 4 and iPhone 6s Plus you can surely exchange it for quick and easy cash with Cell Cashier. Unlike the other websites where you can exchange your iPhone for money, Cell Cashier would give you the best deal and you can be sure to receive your money within the shortest possible time.

Let us now discuss the things you need to do so as to make the maximum profit by selling your used iPhone. You may want to visit the website of Cell Cashier at and follow 3 simple steps which are described below:

1. Get a quote on your model of iPhone. You will have 30 days to decide on the offer during which the phone isnt going to lose its value.

2. Now you just ship your old phone with the custom prepaid USPS shipping label, which is paid by Cell Cashier.

3. Once your iPhone reaches them, you will be notified immediately, and your funds would be soon delivered on your PayPal account or they can send you Cashiers check.

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Where and how to sell my used iPhone? Cell Cashier is the best place to sell your iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus for cash. Get best cash for used iPhone today!