iPhone 6 is one of the applauded and celebrated handsets which were launched in India by Apple. These devices are known in the market for technically sophisticated functionalities, sleek and trendy look and feel and off course the brand name which it carries, Apple. In addition to that, these devices have an extremely sensitive and capacitive screen which can sense motions. Therefore, users get a really satisfying and smoothening touch on using their iPhone devices. However, the entire technical prowess is at the mercy of the screen i.e. if the screen is not functional or is not responsive, the entire experience of the user could be topsy-turvy as they would not be able to use most of the features for which they have paid a considerable amount to own the device. In order to ensure minimal inconvenience and maximum return in terms of the usable life of the device, customers increasingly opts for external accessories so as to safeguard their devices from the daily stress and the occasional falls. The iPhone 6 plus premium screen protector has been designed and launched in the market for the same purpose. It enables the users their handsets freely and more frequently, without worrying about the health of the screen which arguably is one of the most important accessories of the handset.
The iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector has the twin advantage of being hard and gorgeous. With a hardness index of 9H, it protects the screen from all sorts of vibrations, dust, dirt and sweat. The device is also immune to finger print impressions which ensure that the screen is kept intact and there is not even a scratch on it. The glossy surface exposes all the dust and dirt which has settled on the screen protector which enables users to easily clean them off. In spite of being a layer on the screen of iPhone 6, it does not hamper or compromise with either the display quality or with the sensitivity of the device. The iPhone 6 plus HD Clarity screen protector has been designed exclusively for iPhone devices and therefore perfectly fits to the device. The rounded edges ensure that the flat part of the screen, which is the most frequently used part, is completely safeguarded.
This mobile accessory is provided and launched in the market in the form of an attractive retail package which contain other complementary accessories such as cleaning cloth, alcohol pad, smoothing card as well an instruction guide which could be referred while installing or cleaning the screen protector. All customers also can avail a life time replacement warranty any time during their usage if they feel that the accessory is damaged or is not performing as per the specifications.

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The iPhone 6 plus premium screen protector has been launched in the market by MXX Accessories LLC which is one of the aspiring players in the mobile accessory market. iPhone 6 Plus HD Clarity Screen Protector is fulfilled by Amazon who handles all the logistics as well. This ensures the maximum