The look and feel of the handsets now a day is a driving factor which governs the purchasing decision. Therefore, customers more often than not are unwilling to purchase any screen guards or protective cases as it hampers the look and feel of the device. Moreover, it is a conception that a screen guard reduces the sensitivity and smoothness of the device. The iPhone 6 glass screen protector, however, removes all these misconception. Being designed and manufactured exclusively for iPhone 6, it keeps into focus all the needs and demand of the iPhone customers. As the accessory is for the sole use of iPhone devices, the screen guard is carved in such a way that is easy to install on iPhone devices, and gets easily placed on the device screen. Customers face no issue in adhesion or any bubbles at later point of time, where in the screen cover tends to get detached from the screen.
Apart from that, the glass screen protector boasts of a hardness quotient of 9H which makes sure that the screen is protected and insulated against all forms of dust, dirt, shocks, and occasional falls. The screen protector does not allow any form of impression, scratches or smudges to leave a mark on the screen of the device. The most interesting part of this functionality is that the hardness and the robustness of the device do not compromise at all with the smoothness and sensitivity of the device be in terms of the screen sensors or in terms of display. The ultra-clear glass screen protector aims to provide a high definition display to all it customers. The device is free from finger print impressions as well which tends to disrupt the clarity of the display.
The glass screen protector has rounded edges which makes sure that that the entire screen is not covered, and only that particular portion is safeguarded which is used the most frequently by customers and is the most prone to scratches and impressions. Apart from all the state of art specifications, the manufacturer provides to all its customers an opportunity of a life time exchange warranty where in customers can claim a replacement of the product if they are not satisfied with the product, or the product is not performing as per the specifications. The iPhone 6 glass screen protector is available to its users in trendy retail packages stuffed with other complementary accessories such as cleaning cloth, smoothing card and also an instruction slip. Customers can refer to the same in case of installation and maintenance of the accessory

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The iPhone 6 glass screen protector is being designed and launched in the market by MXX Accessories LLC which is one of the aspiring players in the accessories market and through their state of art innovations has made a mark for themselves. iPhone 6 screen Protector is provided and fu

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