Best Cell Phone Brands

These days, people can forget to take the wallet but the cell phone? Never ever. The object, the cell phone was invented to be in contact on the go. But today brands are bringing one above another Smartphone on the market. Lets see who are in the upper rank on this race.

Apple: Apple iPhone is the revolution in the field of cell phone. From the very first phone, this brand is unbeatable with their extraordinary features. People who are once used iPhone never back to other phones. The IPhone has the unique operating system named Ios which is never found in other phones. Moreover, lighter, slimmer phone with a too much nice 4 inch retina display comes with 8 MP camera and provide you a faster and smoother experience of browsing and playing games on it. In a single word, SUPERB one!

Nokia: A name of perseverance is Nokia. When people are running towards the fancy phones, still Nokia is in the top list of best phones. Longer battery life, a solid body which is not vulnerable and too much user friendly brand which comes in much cheaper price is Nokia. Business persons blindly depend on it. Durability and the faster uses satisfying millions of people every day.

Samsung: This brand ensures the higher satiety of its users. A big competitor which wins the race with iPhone in many sectors. A larger screen with seductive brightness, external memory slot and a replaceable battery gonna pull you towards Samsung for sure. People who love android never going to avoid a Samsung cell phone which gives you a better experience with Faster processor, NFC and the better quality front camera. A good opponent, indeed!

HTC: A phone with quality in every inch, thus you can never complain against anything of HTC. The awesome quality photo and the music with BeatsTM will make you happy in every seconds of entertainment. Single flipping will make the phone silent and can switch on the speaker phone. Surprising smart dial option and millions of applications will bound you to love and recommend the brand to everyone.

Sony Ericson: Searching for an all in one phone ends with Sony Ericson. A platform that combined with high quality and usefulness, this is the best option for those who want to play and work on the same device. The unbeatable photo quality will surprise everyone and is hard to believe that it is captured by a phone!

Motorola: Do you know any phone that enables you to make calls, send text messages and even capturing a photo without unlocking it? Do you know any phone that also recognizes your face and unlock your phone? It is the Motorola phone which comes with such incredible features to dazzle you. And the camera has the feature of multi-shot mood thus you never gonna miss any moment to capture.

Blackberry: Why should you choose blackberry? The simple answer is because it is different. If you are bored with those so called same phones in the market, then it is the one you must try. The Universal search helps you to search out everything in a fraction of a second. And the quality of communication is just at the superior level that other phone brands are still working hard to achieve!

LG: Got the new boost with Google nexus in the hard competitive market of Smartphones. If you have ever touched the Nexus by LG, you will describe it is likebutter. The smoothness, fastest configuration, the internet browsing experience and the applications of it will surely drive you crazy to love it.

ZTE: A brand which brings something for everyone. If staying online and connected with friends and family is life for you, then ZTE is the only one best suited to you. The internet using experience with unlimited apps will turn you mad at this. The largest growing company which is bringing windows phones on the market and android phones already in an affordable budget.

Huawei: One of the biggest mobile company in the world who are competing the highly growing cell phone markets with the quality. Above the 2 billion people across the 140 countries rely on the brand to stay communicated with the world. No other band will provide you the speedy processor, 4 inch screen and full on entertainment with top notch quality video in your budget.

Discussion about smartphones and their features is a never ending topic. You will definitely mess up with everyday offers that is emerging on the market. All you need to stick on the matching of top quality thats fit in your budget to choose the best one for you. Some feature will be always unique to specific brands, you need to focus on your basic want to decide. And thats all!

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