Djax Mobile Ad Server

dJAX mobile ad server is an ad serving platform for mobile advertisers and publishers. It is used to manage, sell and to handle the ads and ad campaign. The advertisements published by the ad server are monitored for their progress and reported in a periodic manner. It is enabled with internal real time bidding (RTB) which allows the advertisers to bid on the available ad spaces and the highest bid rate is selected for the ad delivery. The ad server maintains a separate login for each user in the network to handle their individual operations.

Users of dJAX mobile ad server

1.Users of dJAX mobile ad server are divided into following positions,
2.Network Managers The network managers are divided into three categories they are,
3.Admin manager The admin manager handles the admin approvals and reports in the network.
4.Finance manager – The financial manager manages the transactions and the payment services in the ad network.
5.Operational manager The overall network operations are managed by this position.
6.Advertiser The advertiser can manage the ad banners, monitor the progress of advertisements and can handle the payment records.
7.Publisher The publisher can manage the ad spaces and handle their earnings.

dJAX mobile ad server has the following features,

Payment management
1.The advertiser can add funds to his account and the added fund is used for the ad delivery.
2.The advertiser can utilize the amount to make payment to the publisher for ad impressions and clicks made on the advertisements.
3.The payment system is powered by PayPal and NETX payment gateways.

1.The advertiser can link the targeting options to the ad banners before the advertisement delivery. The available targeting options are,
2.Geo-targeting- It targets the customer based on the city, state, region, postal code, latitude, longitude and IP address.
3.Mobile device targeting- It targets the customers based on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, android handsets, blackberry, and windows handsets. Targeting is done using parameters like screen size, operating system and device model name.
4.Telco targeting – It reaches the customers based on system IP address.
5.Browser targeting- It is used to target the customer based on browser type and browsing history.
6.Profile targeting- The option targets the customer based on their age, gender and other personal details.

Website management
1.The publisher can add multiple sites in the account and can manage those websites.
2.The publisher can create ad spaces in the websites for publishing the ad banners.
Invoice management
1.Invoice is generated for the publisher earnings in a periodic manner.
2.The received invoices can be managed and monitored by the publisher.

Ad formats
dJAX mobile ad server supports the following ad formats
1.Basic ad formats- text and image banners.
2.IAB rising stars adhesion banner, full page flex, slider banner, pull banner and filmstrip banner.
3.MRAID ad format expand banner, reveal banner, intestinal banner.

1.Revenue tracking system allows both the advertiser and publisher to track the funds and payment status.
2.Multilingual and multi-currency allow the user to select the desired language or currency type.
3.Mobile apps SDK helps to deliver the ads in mobile applications with extra features like unique user detection, cross application support and auto ad refresh. It follows IAB ad formats.
4.The users can deliver the advertisements in tablet devices by following IAB standard ad formats using the same features available for mobile ad delivery.
5.It can deliver advertisements in websites and mobile applications worldwide.

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