How To Build A Successful Mobile App

In this day and age where there is an app for almost everything you miss out on a great deal of business, by not exploiting the power of mobile experiences. Smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices are outselling computers more and more as the years go by and young users often have their first experience with the internet on these devices instead of an actual computer. This is why considering an investment in mobile apps is critical for businesses, especially those whose services are web-based or online in nature. Here are important things to remember if you want to build a successful mobile app for business and user consumption:

Create a great concept for a product. It is not enough for an app to perform its task; it has to do it very well, especially when there is a high level of competition in its particular niche. A good app should be original or at least overcome the shortcomings of a similar app, solves a problem, and/or entertains. Apart from a great concept, you also need a good design, not only in terms of visual appeal but also its overall user experience. When you have a good product concept, it is easy to make an app and in turn make you sell your business.

Create built-in virality. Incorporate a viral mechanism into your app’s core functionality. This way, every user enjoying the app can attract a network of other users who can also potentially attract even more users. An engaging app will compel users to invite their own friends to use it.

Android beats iPhone. Thought most people got introduced to the apps ecosystem via the iPhone. However today, Android is dominating with more than 50 percent share in different markets. Make sure that your app development roadmap considers this. Create an app that is platform neutral or create separate versions for dominant platforms.

Know the value of smaller markets. Before targeting bigger markets, its more difficult to engage market; consider your local audience or a significantly smaller sector, which can also help you test drive your app for larger/full blown implementation.

Don’t forget app promotion. Marketing your app is also essential to its success. Set aside ample budget for promotion so you can attract and target the right people as your first batch of users who can help you make your app viral and whom you can test metrics to understand user value.

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