How To Call Jamaica From Uk Under Budget

People who live in distant counties from their families and friends often search for ways to make cheap international calls and keep in touch with their kin. This is because international calls are ridiculously pricey when compared to the local calls we make and this forces people to often cut down the conversations with their loved ones and plan their words before they make a call. Though they are many alternatives like text messages, emails and social media, these alternatives can never be compared to the joy and the intimacy that phone calls offer. Hearing the voice of your loved ones and communicating with them freely without having to worry about the call rate is a luxury everyone seeks. To ease the conditions under such circumstances there are many alternatives that provide ways to make cheap international calls. This article explores the easiest and the cheapest ways to call Jamaica from UK.

1. Messenger Apps

We live in the world of smartphones today where even laptops and computers are seen as old machines. Messenger apps are a great alternative to call Jamaica from UK under budget. These apps come from the houses of popular tech giants like Google, Apple and can be easily downloaded from their app stores. These apps work only on smartphones and use Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile data to establish and hold a communication link overseas. Though these apps are free most of the times and charge little or no fee for calls, the connectivity they offer is pretty poor. Also, the audio quality is unbearable a few times due to poor data compression standards. In addition, these apps are native to smartphones only. Hence if the other person you are calling in Jamaica doesnt own a smartphone or doesnt have access to a speedy internet connection, it is impossible to call Jamaica from UK using these messenger apps.

2. VoIP

A better alternative to the above mentioned messenger apps to call Jamaica from UK is voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. As the name suggests, these service offer telephone services over internet unlike the traditional GSM services offered by telecom providers. Hence, VoIP is also commonly known as IP telephony or Internet telephony. The distinctive feature that separate VoIP from messenger apps is that these services are not native to smartphones in the first place. So to call Jamaica from US, the person need not have a smartphone nor install a particular messenger app. The connectivity and audio quality is as good as a regular telephone call and way too much cheaper than regular phone calls. Also, these services wont breach your personal space unlike the messenger apps that collect private data such as contact lists and call registers of its users.

3. Phone Cards

The least preferred alternative to call Jamaica from UK under budget, phone cards are only suited when one doesnt want to make an international phone call over a smartphone or mobile phone. Preferably suited for landline phones devoid of internet connectivity, these services all similar to telephone services, except that their call rates are considerably cheaper. However, many a times these service providers are accused of extorting their customers with ridiculous rules and regulations and unreasonable pricing once the international phone call is made.

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