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Buying cheap custom selfie sticks are getting more and more popular these days even in the online industry and one great example is For the past several years, the domain name has been on sale. It hasnt gained much attention until just recently when it was sold in auction for $29,100 at Namejet.

There were about 3 bidders who tried bidding over $19,000 for this auction. Other than that, there were about 78 bidders who backordered this particular domain name. Based on the domain names current expiration date, this domain name was a private domain name which was put to auction instead of the usual domain names that are regularly seen at NameJet.

Based on the info of the domain name, it was created on December 10, 2013. So this is a pretty solid flip on a hand domain name. According to the domain name statistics, theres only a few registered domain names that has a price of 5 figures like has within just a few years of their creation so, a big congratulations to the seller!

Selfie sticks have really become one of the modern trends for the past few years until today. For those who havent tried it yet, its a tool that you can use to take selfie pictures away from you with the use of your phone as the camera. This allows for a better self portrait and a wider photo range.

Today, there are a lot of selfie sticks with different designs and companies are even using them as promotional items because of its extreme popularity. Take a look at and youll find several kinds of this item when you buy cheap custom selfie sticks there.

Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer of This just proves that it still possible for people to flip hand registered domain names for a lot money!

Do you love taking pictures? Selfies? Groupfies? Using promo selfie stick? Well actually, there are a lot to choose from when you buy cheap custom selfie stick at When it comes to taking pictures, some people think that iPhones are not very good for this particular activity specifically when taking lunar eclipses however, theyre quite good for television news broadcasts.

In fact, a certain TV news station in Switzerland used iPhone instead of standard TV cameras. It has been reported on Le Temps, a Swiss newspaper, that has made a major switch from standard TV cameras to iPhones just this past summer. They have even equipped their reporters with an iPhone 6 kit to shoot live and pre-recorded stories.

Heres what the news director of the TV station, Laurent Keller, said to Le Temps regarding this: Its a search for lightness and responsiveness, but also a way to reduce the costs of producing a newscast.

The station might not be the first in making this big shift because it has been reported that one Scandinavian news outlet has already done this before Lman Bleu.

Keller said that using an iPhone as their camera allows them to go live anywhere both online and on air. Thats how convenient it is! Keller said Its up to us to reinvent the grammar of the image, to learn to shoot differently.

Since this TV station is on air for only a few hours every single day, this smart move from standard TV cameras to iPhones will certainly allow reporters to share and capture more content for the online channels.

How about you? What do you think? Is this move really a great idea for news reporters? Well, one things for sure, they have been doing very good in using iPhones as their camera tool for reporting.

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