Kensington Announces List Of 2016 Essential Summer Travel Accessories

San Mateo, CA, June 15, 2016 – Kensington, a worldwide leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business and home office professionals, today released its annual list of top travel accessories for Summer 2016. Whether traveling with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, these innovative products increase mobility, security, and productivity for users on the go, making travel and transport with devices safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Its important to plan ahead when you travel, said Gwen Hsu, senior director of product management at Kensington. That includes making sure that you have protection for your devices, that you can keep them charged, and that you have the ability to use them comfortably when youre working away from your home or office.

The 2016 list includes a range of the hottest trends in technology accessories that provide added protection, comfort, and charging capability while traveling, from an overnight roller with an anti-theft security system to protect laptop computers, to dual gel wrist rests and noise-cancelling headphones that can make anyones trip more comfortable, to travel adapters and car chargers that will ensure devices never run out of juice. Whats more, this years picks will please budget-conscious travelers, with a variety of essential summer accessories available for under $50.

Kensington 2016 Top Summer Travel Accessories


BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Surface Pro 4 (SKU K97442; SRP $59.99)

The Surface Pro 4 offers an impressive combination of laptop-like power and portability. To protect this valuable mobile investment from drops and other accidents that can happen in transit, smart travelers know they can rely on BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for Surface Pro 4, which was designed specifically for the this brand of tablet. The strong, rugged case features a TPU body surrounding the tablet for maximum protection. It also guards against drops via a flexible silicone hand strap for easy carrying, non-slip grip, and handy port access.

BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for iPad Air 2 (SKU K97367; SRP $49.99)

Most iPad users rely on their tablet whether at home or on the road and need to protect their investment while traveling. Thats where BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case for iPad Air 2 comes in. The exceedingly protective case surrounds the tablet in a strong, cushioned layer of rubber that meets military-grade testing, so the bumps and drops that can happen frequently while traveling arent a big deal. The BlackBelt also features a handstrap that makes holding the device simple even when standing, and a built-in, multi-position stand allows travelers to enjoy hands-free work or play.

SecureTrek 17 Laptop Overnight Roller (SKU K98620; SRP $149.99)

Travelers will rejoice when they find that security is in the bag with the SecureTrek 17 Laptop Overnight Roller. A truly innovative travel bag, the SecureTrek not only protects a laptop from damage but also comes equipped with a highly protective anti-theft security system to safeguard the bags contents during travel. Users can simply click the hammerhead zipper-pulls into the patent-pending SecureTrek Lock Base, and then add a Kensington Lock to secure the rolling suitcase to a fixed object. Users can also pair the bag with a TSA-approved lock to secure contents during airline travel. Plus, theres plenty of room to carry other overnight gear including clothing along with a laptop, and still meet the carry-on size limits for all airlines.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones (SKU K33084; SRP $39.99)

A peaceful trip is an enjoyable trip, and Kensingtons Noise-Cancelling Headphones help mobile professionals and weekend warriors alike achieve this. Whether youre on a noisy plane, working on the road, or just want a quiet moment en route to your destination, these compact and comfortable headphones get the job done by cancelling background noises through a built-in microprocessor. The result is that offending low-frequency noises virtually vanish, creating peace and quiet even when youre far from home.

Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest (SKU K62397; SRP $17.99)

Extra comfort while traveling is important, and Kensingtons Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest does the trick by molding itself to the shape of the users wrists to provide support during typing. The comfortable gel pillow gives travelers tired hands a rest through a gel pillow that matches the natural curve of wrists. The wrist rest also features a ventilation channel to keep hands cool and dry, and the Duo Gels soft finish makes it easy to wipe clean from travel dust. Travelers can pair the Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest with Kensingtons Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest (SKU K62401; SRP $16.99), which combines a durable vinyl mouse pad for fast and accurate mouse movement with wrist support through a gel-pillow wrist rest that facilitates comfortable clicking and scrolling motions.


International Travel Adapter (SKU K38120; SRP $29.99)

Every savvy international traveler knows theres no faster way to ruin a trip than to run out of power for their mobile devices and lack compatibility to recharge them. To avoid this fate, the Kensington International Travel Adapter allows for fast charging in over 150 countries using dual USB ports that allow for simultaneous charging of up to three devices. Whether users need to charge an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or another smartphone or tablet, the International Travel Adapter makes it simple to select the correct prong configuration for a country simply by pushing the integrated plug-release button and sliding out the right prongs for the countrys wall outlet.

PowerBolt 5.2 Dual Car Charger (SKU K38029; SRP $19.99)

When its time for a summer road trip, dont forget to pack the Kensington PowerBolt 5.2 Dual Car Charger. This versatile charger features PowerWhiz Technology to help travelers avoid being without power for almost any smartphone or tablet. The PowerBolt quickly and safely charges these devices from a vehicles power outlet with 2.6 AMPs (13 watts) from each USB port, while offering automatic device recognition for devices including Microsoft Surface 3, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and many more.

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