Latest Trends And Technologies In Automation Testing Services In India

The technology sector is ever changing for the better and developers have nowhere to go but forward. To better understand these changes, you first need to be aware of current advancements in technology, ranging from the rapid adoption of various social media platforms to the creation of data and the unstoppable development of various mobile and cloud technologies. The following are some of the latest trends in automation testing services you should watch out for, moving into the future:

Where software testing is concerned, cost optimization remains to be a top priority for businesses around the world. Additional priorities include building new products and/or platforms, upgrading existing systems, and supporting organic growth.

More IT leaders are now accepting integration these days, making it a priority. Digital transformation is also a major focus as businesses begin to adopt cloud computing and analytics. Automation testing for these aspects of software systems is significant to ensure quality and reliability resulting in improved security, better application performance, and reduced application errors.

Social media platforms are also being closely watched and scrutinized by organizations as they strive to safeguard against reputational damages resulting from comments and views posted on their social media channels. Tools and technologies for streamlining this course of action are also of high demand.

Software testing budgets are also on the rise, particularly in the energy, utilities and transportation sectors. These domains are currently spending at least 27 to 31 percent of their development budgets on quality analysis and testing domains. With software development initiatives overtaking budgets usually allocated for maintenance, many issues are prevented before they even become sources of greater project costs.

The consumer products, financial, and retail sectors are also advancing towards more advanced IT development initiatives, following trends like cloud computing, big data analytics, mobility and virtualization, and similar initiatives. While these products are not cheap to develop and maintain, they are a worthwhile investment in terms of business technology.

Crowd sourced testing is also an emerging trend in software testing, where applications are made available to a particular number of end-users, who are tasked to try and identify different defects and bugs within the program. Crowd sourced testing services used to be managed as a service by different providers, but more and more organizations nowadays are experimenting with crowd sourced testing in a house as they try to cope with the trend. Combined with conventional quality assurance, crowd sourced testing can complete the gap between your application and its intended users.

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