Social Media Success Story: From 3refto_wen To Crocus Sous Le Pont

Creating a social media campaign to communicate about launching a business or a product revealed itself as a successful medium to meet the objectives. Through the different social networks, businesses are more likely to promote their latest launching to the right audience. For this reason, an owner of a new restaurant/lounge bar near a river in Lebanon approached our social media agency for an online campaign. The goal was to create a buzz around the unique location of this new concept to attract a significant number of customers to the opening party and to following other nights.

After a long meeting with the client to better understand the project and his needs, we decided to split the launching campaign into 2 phases: the teaser about the unconventional location of this unique concept, and the revelation of the venue with the details.
The creative idea:
After a long brainstorming session with the creative team, we pinpointed the target market, the strengths and weaknesses of this project. Accordingly, we decided to bet on the viral effect of social networks by shooting 2 videos with young people that the audience will relate to.

The teaser
The first video would be a teaser to grab the attention of our audience and keep them attached. In order to make the campaign more interesting and to relate it more to the target market, we gave it a humoristic and Lebanefied approach. The slogan of the first part of the campaign was 3refto Wen? (Did you know where?) that teases about the unique location, which is the business edge of this project.
The revelation
The revelation video consists of announcing the launching of the new place, what it is about, and where it is located. In this second video, we maintained the same approach as the first one using the same characters.

The execution & results:
The first 2 weeks were attributed to the teasing period, where we published the first video, in addition to engaging posts to keep the community entertained and active. The results were up to the expectations. We managed to build a community of more than 3000 Facebook fans with coming organically, even with the challenging Facebook system that pushes new pages to depend more on ads. In addition, the teasing video reached more than 96,000 users (43% of them were reached due the virality of the video) and was watched by 46,000 person. The video also received around 2,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares, reactions).

The next period consisted of finally revealing the new place, its location and the opening party with the second video and a couple of more posts. This video reached 69,000 people virally, which represents 58% of the total reach. Also, it was viewed by 34,000 users on Facebook, and collected more than 1150 likes, comments, shares and reactions. On Youtube, both videos were watched around 1500 times.

In conclusion, these numbers gave an interesting sign for a promising opening night which lived up to the expectations and was also a success story for our social media agency.

About the Author:
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