The Nearly Perfect Galaxy S7 Covers All The Bases

Samsung has worked long and hard at the smartphone business and this year they once again have proved to the world why they are the worlds largest Android phone maker. So why is it that Samsung is possibly the only company that actually seems to be able to make a profitable business out of manufacturing Android smartphones? Well, the first reason could probably be their carpet bombing approach to Android devices, wherein they inundate the market with models that appeal to various different consumers and that hit almost every price point right from the entry level up to the flagship phones.

The second reason is that they actually release very high quality, compelling hardware that looks good, that performs well and that have features that smartphone users are actually asking for. The best proof of the fact that Samsung is actually listening to what consumers are asking for, is the the new Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 covers almost all the feature requests that people have had from the S6.

To understand the progression, one has to look back at the Samsung Galaxy S5. This was a high end phone that people still mocked as plasticky and cheap looking even though it had really great features like water resistance and expandable memory that the iPhones did not have and in fact still dont, till this day, more that two years later. Samsung took this criticism to heart and worked on the fit and finish of their phones. The next year, the successor to the S5, the Galaxy S6 featured a beautiful metal body and great finish that was as good as any flagship phone on the market and even iPhone fans could not honestly call the S6 plasticky or cheap looking. Samsung however had to make a few sacrifices for all the shiny metal goodness of the S6. To achieve what they did, the S6 sacrificed some important features that its predecessor had. Two of the features that were most missed were the expandable memory slot, which has always been one of the definitive advantages of the Android platform and water proofing, which was a feature that debuted on the S5.

People loved the new S6 but bemoaned the loss of both these features and Samsung must have been listening because one year later the successor to the S6, the Galaxy S7 covers all the bases and has all the features that made both the S6 and the S5 so popular with smartphone buyers. So, the Galaxy S7 covers both waterproofing as well as expandable memory with a micro SD card slot and it also has the slim, shiny metal body that debuted on the S6. About the only feature from the Galaxy S5 that hasn’t been brought back with the latest version of the flagship is the removal battery. This however seems to be a price that smartphone buyers are willing to pay for phones that are super slim, well made and now, are waterproof as well. Its no wonder then, that in early reviews of the Galaxy S7, the tech press have called it the nearly perfect smartphone.

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