Tips For Making Fun Family Videos

Kids videos make excellent memories and can serve as an important part of family genealogy for those in the future trying to learn about their past. Family especially kids videos are often a rich source of positive family memories. These days the iPhone in your pocket can help you record precious moments and even make them into outstanding videos using apps that capture the spirit of that special family time and last long after the holiday is over. Even someone who is not an expert at shooting or editing video can turn out a very memorable video if they follow just a few tips.

Our 7 tips for making family videos

1. Keep it natural and relaxed: Children are children, not actors or reality TV stars. Let them be themselves. Thats the whole thing you are trying to capture isnt it? The minute you try and put words into their mouths or set up unnatural situations they will either ham up or clam up. Do something you know they will enjoy, or follow them as they potter and youll get more organic, natural footage.

2. Be Happy with imperfection: Give them a line to say to camera if youd like them to present, but make it short and keep your instructions clear and concise. Be happy with imperfection; dont make them do take after take as they will get bored. Keep all takes.

3. Know your camera and how to use it: Dont try and figure out how to work a complicated video camera on your shoot. If you are more familiar with your phone then use that instead, these days its good enough. During shoot make sure that your camera is actually on and recording when capturing events.

4. Step into the light: Be aware of light and shade and use it. Dont stand kids next to the window or they will all be silhouettes.

5. Be Aware of the sound: The sound can be the most overlooked part of a video, but its very important for interviews. It can make your footage unusable if its no good. Be aware of traffic, background noise or anything thatll obscure or interfere with the sound you want.

6. Involve the kids: Kids dont have to be the stars of the video or hangers on. They can be part of the crew or creative team. Get them to think up ideas for a video, to plan and storyboard the shoot.

7. Capture Movement: Track them occasionally with the camera. But dont move the camera around all the time. Hold your shots for 5-10 seconds to make editing easier.

Whatever you do, remember youre not Spielberg. The point is to have fun together not to fall out with each other in the quest to produce an Oscar winning movie. Its family life not great art.

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